03. June 2018
Claus per ser un bon guia Oficial de Catalunya, requisits, habilitats i recursos per superar les proves d'habilitació i guanyar-nos la vida realitzant la nostra passió.
26. April 2018
バルセロナに引っ越しする前はアパートメントについて、少し調べて下さい。 Before moving to Barcelona, you should know what to expect in terms of housing.
21. March 2018
今年の冬では初めて、カサ・ビセンスという作品を見学しました。このマンションがガウディさんによって最初を完成したマンションでしたけど、去年10月からお客様が訪問することが可能です。Last winter I visited for the first time Casa Vicens, the first house designed by Gaudí in Gracia neighborhood of Barcelona city as a Summer residence for the broker Mr Manuel Vicens. This house had been built between 1883 to 1885, when the young Gaudí was on his thirties.
12. March 2018
Last week I went to Penedès region in Catalonia to visit Simon Coll Chocolate factory & Castellroig familiar winery. 先週、カタルーニャ地方のペネデス県に行って来ました。チョコレート工場(シモン・コイ)とワインセラーを見学しました。
01. March 2018
I'm going to have a baby this summer! This exciting idea of becoming a mum in less than 15 weeks is overwhelming! ・今年、夏になると初めてお母さんになる予定!生まれる日までに15週間だけ残って、圧倒的ですよね!
25. February 2017
17. February 2017
11. February 2017
What we know about the famous life of Joan Miró & Pablo Picasso? Of course we studied their lives & works at school but have you ever heard about XX Century Catalan Surrealism? ... Maybe not so much. About Joan Miró, we know he used to be an introspective and spiritual artist. A Catalan painter attached to his hometown, Montroig del Camp near Tarragona, where he grew up. Picasso, however, besides being born & raised in Malaga and living almost all his life abroad, as an expat...
09. February 2017
Què en sabem de la vida d'aquests fascinants artistes del Surrealisme català del S.XX? De Joan Miró sabem que era un artista de tendència espiritual i poètica. Un artista català vinculat a la terra de Montroig del Camp (Tarragona) on hi visqué la seva infantesa. Picasso en canvi, tot i haver nascut a Màlaga i viscut gran part de la seva vida a l'exili, sempre va dir que s'estimava Barcelona per haver-lo acollit durant la seva adolescència i primers anys d'aprenentatge. Picasso fou un...
07. October 2016

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