Chocolate & Cava *チョコレートとカバ


Last week I went to Penedès region in Catalonia to visit a Chocolate factory and a familiar winery. My surprise was to discover that in fact, the chocolate factory I visited is the provider of Amatller Chocolate located in the famous venue Casa Amatller in Passeig de Gràcia of Barcelona. Simón Coll Chocolatier bought Amatller Chocolate in the fifties last century, and since then, the factory elaborates a big sort of sweet products to be sold in Casa Amatller famous shop I use to visit often during my tours.  


Some of my favorite products include Matcha flavor, which is typical from Japan, but mixed with lemon tastes better, in my opinion. Other products I loved being there and doing a chocolate tasting had been: the Mar de Cava bonbon & the Salty Milk Chocolate bonbon. Clicking on the following link you can discover, select & buy all typical products the factory provide:  


Once we arrived to Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, where the factory is located, the visit started with a video about how chocolate is elaborated. We've been traveling from Barcelona during 1 hour to start the visit around 10 AM. Just getting of the bus the smell of chocolate surround us completely. They explained us, every day around 9 AM the factory melts 2 tons of chocolate for the day production, so I asure you we totally feel it!


After discovering the factory history and the production steps explained by their lovely personal guide, the best part came: the Cocoa & Chocolate tasting! First, the cocoa seed, then pure cocoa melted and finally, adding some sugar. Amazing experience! Of course, for chocolate lovers, but they have also other options for those who suffer food allergies or intolerances like lactose or nuts allergy.







Our second stop was a wonderful familiar winery called Finca Sabaté i Coca who are the producers of Castellroig. The winery is located in the surroundings of Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, Catalonia's capital of Cava. For those who aren't familiarized with Cava, it means Catalan Sparkling white wine produced in this land. Following the ancient method to produce Champagne, this winery elaborates Wine & Cava with ecological grapes. 


Marcel, the winery owner, had been our private guide showing us his vineyards, his own living house which is called in Catalan "La Finca" and explaining us how they work. After 1 hour of explanations walking along the vineyards, enjoying the fabulous landscape and getting involved with this adventure of wine production, we've been invited to taste their products. Nothing could be better than this selection of wines & caves the family is offering to the visitors.


Remember to skip lunch if you are planning to come to visit this wonderful place! Otherwise, you'll provably be full before starting to eat their salamis, cheese and breads, topped with local olive oil produced on the nearby farm, of course, everything accompanied with wine & cava! 


先週、カタルーニャ地方のペネデス県に行って来ました。チョコレート工場と(シモン・コイ)とワインセラーを見学しました。朝、プライベート・バスでバルセロナから出て、1時間ぐらいかかりました。まず、チョコレート工場に行って見学しました。チョコレート工場の名前はシモン・コイです。この工場は50年代で、有名な Chocolate Amatller というチョコレート工場を買ってしまいましたからグラシア通りでありお店はシモン・コイ工場からのチョコレートを売ってます。







食事を食べた前、また違うところに行きました。Castellroig というワインセラーでした。チョコレート工場の同じ街で(Sant Sadurní d'Anoia) の近くに行って、ワインセラーのオーナーさんはぶどう園を見せてくれて、素晴らしかった。ブドウ園でゆっくり散歩して、古いマンションも見学して入りました。もちろん、ワインセラーを見たけど生産ラインも見えました。1時間後で、やっと、ワインとカバ試飲会を楽しめました。また、ワインとカバを飲みながらたくさん伝統的なサラミとチーズを食べてしまった。ペネデス県でありオリーブオイルは凄く美味しいです。この素敵な経験を終わった前、今回もみんながワインセラーのお店でワインとオリーブオイルを買いました。




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