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What we know about the famous life of Joan Miró & Pablo Picasso? Of course we studied their lives & works at school but have you ever heard about XX Century Catalan Surrealism? ... Maybe not so much.  


About Joan Miró, we know he used to be an introspective and spiritual artist. A Catalan painter attached to his hometown, Montroig del Camp near Tarragona, where he grew up. 


Picasso, however, besides being born & raised in Malaga and living almost all his life abroad, as an expat artist, he always said he felt really attached to Barcelona, because the city hosted him during the earliest years of his life. Picasso was a magnificent drawer, ever before moving to the city of Barcelona, at the age of 14 years old. His father said once "You're better than me now & you deserve to have my color palette."   


Joan Miró was a versatile artist, not so good drawer as Picasso was, but talented. He never stop trying & training harder to masterpiece their works. Miró loved the classics like Picasso admired the works of the greatest artists from the Old times, but Miró always used to self-demand more than the others, sometimes even so badly that He suffered few artistic crisis periods when he could not paint anything. On the other hand, Picasso never suffered a professional crisis related to his introspective world. Picasso had been painting and experiencing all his life. He used to say: "When the inspiration comes, must find you working". 


Besides their origins, we can not say they had been lazy or accommodated artists. Both of them used to be brave contemporary artists, never afraid to re-invent their own works, traveling often and they never gave up their passion.    


What can we say about their personal lives? We just know Miró had been married young to Pilar Juncosa and they had only a girl named Lola, like Picasso's young sister. Miró used to be an introspective man passionated with oriental world, specially Japan, where he traveled for the first time in 1960's. In Japan, Miró discovered the world of meditation, mean fullness and spiritualism he used later to express on their works until his death in 1983.    


What can we say about Picasso's personal life? Nothing similar to Joan Miró who just had one single wife and just one daughter. In contrast to Miró, Picasso failed 2 marriages, he had 4 kids with 3 different women and a total of 7 recognized ladies who lived with him all his long life.  


Picasso didn't succeed to be an introspective artist, even though he was sensible as Miró, Picasso was not interested in lyrics or poetry on his works like Miró. Picasso & Miró had been two of the most representative artists from XX century, for their great versatility. The young Picasso became famous when he painted academic works for several prestigious Fine Arts Schools, meanwhile as adult he succeed showing the Guernica to the world.      

Both artists needed to self-demand and re-invent them constantly, all their professional lives until their death. They had been always studying, traveling & working to became better artist and they succeed because they never gave up. Sometimes, they worked in series, doing diptych or triptych and they didn't rest so much.   


We know a lot of details about them but maybe They didn't know some day in the future, their lives & works will be so succesful. Maybe they could not imagine how much money thousands of riches will be able to pay for one of their paintings... 


Thanks to their wonderful museums around the world we know their works are nowadays very valued. However, humble Miró used to criticize those who thought Art could be bought. Nevertheless, arrogant Picasso used to sign autographs instead of paying the bill of the restaurants where he used to eat, telling to the waiter "I just want to pay the menu I ate, not the hole restaurant with my autograph".     


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